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GREEN-i 14th Anniversary

GREEN-i Anniversary dinner

Here’s to 14 sensational years of GREEN-i! 🥂🎉 We recently marked our 14th anniversary with an unforgettable celebration.
The evening was more than just a feast; it was a tribute and appreciation to the team for the incredible journey that we went through together for the past year. 

As we clinked glasses, stories flowed – tales of challenges conquered, partnerships formed, and the growth that has shaped GREEN-i into what we are today. The atmosphere was just beautiful with camaraderie, echoing the spirit of “Malaysia Boleh” that drives us forward.

Happiness really took over us that evening. All of this builds the stories of our life, our GREEN-i life. 

As we celebrated, we also looked ahead to the exciting chapters waiting to unfold. We will go head on towards the new year and always be ready. That is the GREEN-i spirit!