GREEN-i – Make it Work

Happy Birthday Hans!

We recently celebrated the birthday of Hans, a cherished member of our GREEN-i family. This celebration was much more than just a gathering; it was a heartfelt testament to the strong bonds and camaraderie that define our team. The laughter and joy that filled the room underscored the essence of our gathering – to honour and celebrate the unique contributions Hans brings to our team. The highlight of the evening, a playful game of “Bang Bang,” turned the party into an engaging and memorable experience, allowing us to connect and enjoy each other’s company in a light-hearted and meaningful way.

This event wasn’t just about marking another year for Hans; it was a reflection of the vibrant and supportive culture we cultivate at GREEN-i. Through shared meals, games, and laughter, we not only celebrated Hans but also reinforced our commitment to creating a workplace where joy, appreciation, and togetherness are paramount. Hans’ birthday bash became a vivid reminder of the importance of celebrating our milestones and cherishing the people with whom we share our journey. Here’s to more moments that bring us closer as a team and to the wonderful times ahead for Hans and all the GREEN-i family.