GREEN-i – Make it Work

It’s thoughts that counts

It’s the thought that counts! We at GREEN-i were delighted to receive a thoughtful surprise from one of our esteemed clients—a box of beautifully crafted cupcakes. To some, this may be just a box of cupcakes, but to us, this generous gesture not only sweetened our day but also re-energized our fellow GREENians, who always give their best and are committed to serving.

In this digital marketing and creative industry, it is sometimes unavoidable to get stuck with ideas, chasing deadlines, dealing with ever-changing technologies, and other unpredictable technical issues. However, it is our clients who consistently appreciate our hard work, and our seniors who continuously support and guide us, helping us surpass ourselves, leading to a richer experience and greater heights in our careers.

Let’s make 2024 a year filled with sweet successes and strengthened partnerships!