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CNY Dinner 2024

At GREEN-i, we are deeply committed to the belief that the foundation of our success lies in the happiness and motivation of our team. In line with this philosophy, we are thrilled to announce the hosting of our annual Chinese New Year (CNY) dinner, a cherished tradition that serves as a heartfelt tribute to the incredible achievements of our dedicated GREENians.

Our CNY dinner isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience. It’s an evening where we can step away from our desks, let down our hair, and revel in the joy of companionship. The highlight of the night will undoubtedly be the traditional “yee sang” toss, symbolising prosperity, health, and all good things as we collectively usher in the Lunar New Year. It’s a moment that encapsulates the essence of Chinese New Year dinner culture – fostering bonds, expressing gratitude, and sharing in the optimism of new beginnings.

We eagerly look forward to a night filled with delectable cuisine, laughter, and memorable moments that only GREENians can create together. This celebration is a token of our sincere appreciation for your unwavering commitment and support. Your passion and dedication not only drive our success but also build the vibrant, thriving culture we all cherish at GREEN-i.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for being an integral part of this journey. We are profoundly proud of what we have achieved together and even more excited about what the future holds. Here’s to celebrating our achievements, embracing our shared traditions, and welcoming the prosperity and opportunities the new year brings!