GREEN-i – Make it Work

Energy Park @ PETRONAS

Take a trip down memory lane as we recount our remarkable visit to the Energy Park at PETRONAS, where the worlds of energy and innovation converged in a captivating display. Our company had the privilege to not only appreciate the mesmerizing array of exhibits but also to strengthen our relationships with clients in this sustainable haven. From immersive experiences to enlightening showcases, we delved into PETRONAS’ journey towards a net-zero future, discovering the endless opportunities that lie ahead. We were thrilled to witness the present and future projects aimed at creating a greener environment and achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. The event was made even more special with the participation of prominent companies like Microsoft, Aramco, Starlink, and many more, showcasing their commitment to a sustainable future. Join us as we reminisce about this unforgettable experience, where learning, enjoyment, and fostering sustainable relationships came together in perfect harmony.